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Tips to protect mango pickle from fungus


Highly effective 25 Tips to protect Mango pickle from fungus:

Tips for using mustard Oil:

1)  When the mustard oil is extracted from mustard, water is used in it. After this, it is filtered and then after some time, the water goes away. Therefore it is very important to take the oil in a pan and heat it to avoid fungus in the pickle.

2)  Never boil the mustard oil, just heat the oil in a pan till smoke point only. Do not overheat and also do not run any spoon inside the oil during heating. After heating keeps it aside and allow  to cool down to room temperature.

3)  Whenever you are thinking of adding some extra oil in the pickle, just wait and heat the mustard oil at first, cool it completely and then add to the pickles jar.

4)  The oil layer floating above the pickles helps to block the moisture coming into any contact with the pickles. So pickles should be completely soaked in oil all the time. Any contact with air can be damaging.

5)  Use only best quality of mustard oil to avoid fungus.

6)   Always use a fresh pack of mustard oil.


Tips for Green Mangoes:

7)  Use only best quality of green mangoes for Pickle. In India, Ramkila is the best quality for preparing mango pickle.

8)  Dip the green mangoes in water for half an hour. After half an hour discard all the water. Now wash all the green mangoes with clean water thoroughly and take them out. Wipe it with a dry cloth. Now it is ready for cutting. The knife should be clean during the cutting process. If you are going to cut the green mangoes from the veg sellers then do not forget to spread a neat and clean cloth under the cutter. It will protect your pickle from germs. If possible ask the veg seller to clean his hands before cutting the green mangoes.

9)  After cutting remove all the seeds and any black portion from the mango pieces.

10)  Before making pickle mango pieces should be clean and completely dry.

11)  After cutting and cleaning keep the mango pieces in sunlight for 2-3 hours.

Tips for spices:

12)  All the spices should be fresh and dry.

13)  Try to roast spices before adding in the pickle. So that all the moisture goes away.

14)  You can also do one thing to avoid moisture. Put all the spices in a big vessel/bowl used for making pickle. Pour little bit hot mustard oil on these spices and after that add pieces of green mangoes. With this method, the moisture of spices also evaporates away and also you get more flavor in your pickle. But before filling it in jars it should cool down to room temperature.

15)  Add moisture free salt in the pickle, because salt also helps in the preservation of pickle. If you don't know about the exact ratio of spices and mango pieces, do not worry, You can purchase readymade masala for green mango pickle from market or online. The procedure of making pickle is also mentioned on the packet.

Tips for Pickle jar:

16)  A glass jar is good for pickles. Never use a plastic jar for storing pickles of any type. Although pickle may not spoil in a plastic jar. But plastic particles will add to it, which is not good for our health.

17)  Before filling the jar with pickle, the jar should be washed with boiling water. Dry it under sunlight. Ensure that jar must be dry and rinse the jar with white vinegar. Vinegar also helps to protect pickle from fungus.

18)  Always use airtight containers to store pickles.

19)  Flip your jar once a day, turning the top into the bottom every 24 hours for initial 3-4 days.

Some other important tips:

20)  While making the pickles do not stir with hands, use a dry wooden spoon.

21)  Always handle pickle with a clean and dry spoon. If handled properly, pickle remains good for a long time.

22)  Do not use steel spoon to take out pickle from a jar. Always use a wooden spoon.

23)  Sodium benzoate keeps pickles good for a long time. For 1 kg half tsp of it is enough. You should add it to the pickle at the end before shifting pickle to storage jars.

24)  Do not open big size pickle jar frequently. It will increase the chances of moisture entering in the pickle jar. For daily use take out pickle in small jars. Even one drop of water can spoil your pickle so always keep a dry atmosphere around your pickle jar.

25) If you want the same flavor of the pickle for a long time you can keep the pickle in the refrigerator.

  I hope these tips will help you relish the delicious pickle for a longer duration. Take care and enjoy.

Dr.Suman Setia

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