Govt. Advisory To Avoid Dengue Fever

                                                                        Government  Advisory

1.       Remove leftover water from water coolers at least once a weak. Mosquitoes transmitting dengue have a lifecycle of seven days, so this is essential.

2.       Pour eucalyptus oil in coolers (8ml/20litre water) it will kill third and fourth instar larvae and pupa.

3.       Discard any water holding containers such as used tins, broken bottles and other artificial water collections, outside or near your house.

4.       Inside the house, change water in flower vases or any other container every alternate day.

5.       Drain out stagnant water in and around your house.

6.       Encourage draining of stagnant water from any construction sites in your locality.

7.       Cover the overhead water-storage tanks and inspect them at least once a fortnight


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Personal Care

1. Use mosquito screens on windows and doors, with at least 16 meshes per inch.

2. Use bed nets and repellents.

3. Beware of peak biting times of mosquitoes; dengue and chikungunya mosquitoes bite mainly from dawn to dusk while malaria and Japanese encephalitis mosquitoes bite mainly from dusk to dawn.

* Dawn –is the beginning of morning twilight.

*Dusk- is the period of partial darkness in evening before night(duration and exact timing varies place to place).

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4. Wear protective clothing such as a long sleeved shirt or kurta, trousers, socks and shoes instead of open sandals.

5. Use insect repellent cream or band when outdoor.

6. Use mosquito repellant coils/mats etc in each room.

7. Seek prompt medical help in case of fever.

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