How to Reduce Craving for Sugar how-to-reduce-craving-for-sugar

First of all we should know that why we crave for sugar? You know human beings prefer the sweet task from birth. When we eat sweet things then brain releases chemical serotonin  which make us feel good and also gives our body a short term boost. So our body demands more and more sweets after some intervals.

I am giving you some tips to reduce craving for sugar:-

·        Research has shown that chewing gum can reduce sugar craving. Whenever craving hits, chew a chewing gum.

·        Have lot of dryf ruits, fruits near to you .When sugar craving hits you can go for these things . They have lots of fibres which help to fill your stomach

·        Always eat quality food over quantity. Like do not eat a big candy bar ,you can eat a small piece of  dark chocolate which is good for health.

·        Have your meal at proper time –If there is a long gap between breakfast ,lunch and dinner then you will go for  something sugary` between these periods.  Having small frequent meals helps keep your blood sugar level stable.

·        Use something hot, sour or bitter to overwhelm the sweetness.

·         Try one of these:-

·        You can take 1-2 teaspoon of lemon juice in water.

·        1-2 teaspoon of cider vinegar in water.

·        Do brush after every eating, it will reduce your craving for sugar. Toothpaste will take away the food taste in your mouth.

·        Eat frozen grapes or bananas .These things will satisfy your  sweet craving.

·        Eat sunflower seeds as snacks as they regulate your nerves and muscles.