Foods that relieve Constipation foods-that-relieve-constipation

Constipation is simply the result of consuming less fibers. The average adult needs 25 to 30 grams of fibres in a day. Take appropriate amounts of fibers to avoid bloating and cramping. Add more fiber filled foods to your diet gradually and also drink lot of water.

Berries : All berries like strawberry, blackberry are rich in fibers and low in calories, So you can eat a big bowl of this at a time.

Popcorn : Plain popcorn's are very rich in fibers as popcorn is a whole grain. Avoid butter or caramel popcorn.

Dried Fruits : Dried fruits such as raisins, figs, dates , prunes, apricots are a great source of fiber.

Whole grain bread : You should eat only brown or Atta bread. Stop using white Maida bread.

Broccoli : It is a rich source of fiber. You must eat it raw . But if you prefer the cooked one , then go for boiling , steaming, baking etc. Add a little bit of salt , pepper, lemon and olive oil . You will enjoy this healthy food.

Flax seeds: These help to bulk up stool . you can add it in wheat flour to make chappatis or sprinkle it on the salads.

European Style Salad : In Europe many people eat salad at the end of their meal. This helps to push the rest of meal through the digestive tract.

Prunes : Prunes are excellent source of fiber. It contains sorbitol , a stool loosening sugar that naturally helps relieve constipation.

Water : Hydrate Well . Start your day with a big glass of water . To relieve from constipation 1.5 to 2.0 liter water should be consumed daily.


Note:- Eat fruits with their skin like plums, pear, apple etc .  Potatoes with skin provide you with a great amount of fiber. Boiling and meshing potato with its skin is a good way to serve it.