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Nimbu pani within 5 seconds

Nimbu pani also known as lemonade in English is nothing but a drink made from fresh lemon juice, sugar and water. It  not only quenches  your thirst but  also makes you feel refreshed.

During April and may month  it is really very  hot in India, Nimbu pani is best home made natural  drink during this season. Nothing can beat home made Nimbu pani in this season. 

Here I am going to tell how you can make this Nimbu Pani in 5 seconds without any hassles.

Ingredients :- for 8 glasses

Nimbu – 8 table spoon fresh lemon juice

Desi khand – 16 full tablespoons(almost  double of the lemon juice)

Black salt – 3/4th tsp or according to your taste

Black pepper – 1/2tsp or according to your taste

Roasted and grinded cumin seeds – 3/4th tsp

Water – 100 ml ( Used to just freeze the concentrate in shape of ice cubes)

Method – Mix all the ingredients very well and pour it in ice trey. No heating is to be done .Keep ice tray  in the freezer for concentrate to solidify. Whenever you want to drink nimbu pani fill  3/4 th of glass with  chilled water(instead of water you can also add soda, sprite ,  7 up etc) .Take out two cubes of nimbu pani concentrate  from ice tray . Put these in the water  and mix well .  And your Nimbu Pani is ready to drink.

You can prepare your Nimbu Pani any time within 5 seconds with these concentrate cubes .

Tip – Use powdered sugar as it dissolves quickly.

Instead of water you can use soda, sprite or 7up.

You can also add chaat masala as per your taste.

Health Benefits –

 It is rich in vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity.

It helps in restoring the body salt after playing sports or physical activity or work out.

Helps in digestion.

It flushes out all the toxins from our body.

Helps to relieve stress.

It has antibacterial property so prevents us from so many diseases.

Health benefits of Desi khand –

It is helpful in making the electrolyte balance in the body.

Used as an instant source of energy and helpful for muscle power.

It is  most useful in maintaining the body stamina as it gives quantum of energy to the body.


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