Foods that detoxify your body foods-that-detoxify-your-body


 Most of the foods in this article contain a protein called Glutathione which helps in detoxifying your body. But it only works when eaten raw. After cooking the food , it loses its quality.


Here is a list of foods that help our body get rid of wastes :

Garlic: When eaten raw it is very beneficial in lowering the blood pressure. If you can not eat it in raw form , you can go for the capsule form of garlic.

Raw Tomato  : It is a rich source of glutathione . Always eat raw tomato with little bit of salt.

Carrots: Carrots are  also rich in Glutathione that help to detoxify the liver. It also contains lots of Vitamins like A,K, C and B6 etc.

Spinach :  Raw spinach is more effective  in detoxifying your body as it contains a large amount of glutathione . It contains lots of iron also.

Walnuts:It is also a very rich source of glutathione and boosts the power of brain.

Broccoli : It specifically works with the enzymes in your  liver to turn toxics into something your body can eliminate easily. Please do not cook or micro wave it . It should be eaten raw only.

Cabbage: It helps in lowering Blood Pressure. It works as a Diuretics.

Ginger:If you are suffering from a fatty liver , it is very beneficial

Green beans : Because of its high anti-oxidant value it kills free radicals easily.

Lemons: It is simply a matter of adding lemon juice to water and drinking it. It works better if you take it without sugar

. Water
 : It helps flush out all forms of toxics from your body.


Almonds: They are rich in fiber , Calcium, Magnesium and usable proteins that help to remove impurities from your body.

Basil : It is full of anti-oxidants to protect the liver and is a wonderful food for detoxification.

Parsley or Dhania or Coriander:  It contains a huge amount anti-oxidants. Laboratory tests have shown that it is twice as effective as the commonly used anti-biotic drug –gentamicin.

Cranberries: It works as an anti bacterial. Cranberry products are associated with prevention of urinary tract infection.

Onion : It has Sulphur containing amino acids, which efficiently detoxifies liver. Raw onions are excellent for our body.


    NOTE:-  Even if you consume two or three things daily out of the above mentioned foods , it works as a magic for our body. In India Salad culture is good. You can add onion , tomato , carrot, cabbage, beet root, lemon, parsley , basil etc to your raw salad.