Foods High in Vitamin B foods-high-in-vitamin-B

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, cabbage lettuce contain a lot of vitamin B

All fortified cereals like kellogs have a lot of vitamin B

All fortified soya products are rich source of vitamin B ,tofu is a fortified soya product

Sea food is one of the richest source of naturally occurring B12 specially in salmon fish

Pomegranates and watermelon are high in B complex vitamins

Legumes ,lentils , rajmah. Broccoli, mushroom ,peas contain a a lot of vitamin B

Dry fruits such as almonds are rich in vitamin B

Always choose cereals made from whole grain and skip  to add sugar in it

Note :- vitamin B 12 is found only in animal products .People who avoid all animal products should look for alternative fortified products such as soya products, kellogs etc…..