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Home remedies for cold and cough


The common cold and cough is an ailment condition that can affect us any time in winter or in other seasons. It drains out all of your energy. You can’t concentrate on work or studies or anything at all. And when you sneeze,  it affects other family members also, who come in your contact. There are  few natural home remedies and precautions which you can practise, so that this gets cured early . More over these help to  prevent it in future also . Some of the home remedies available for cold and cough are:


 ·          Do gargles with soft warm water.

·        Drink  lot of liquids. Your increased daily water consumption will be helpful for early treatment of cough and cold . Also drinking plenty of liquids throughout the day will help your mucus membranes moist so that they are able to trap the viruses.

·         Drink carrot juice 2 times a day ( 1 cup at a time)

·         Drink hot liquids such as soup and herbal tea etc.

·         Having chicken soup (for non-veg persons)  improves  the immunity. It also help to clear mucus of your nostrils  and  reduces       inflammation of nose. 

·         Use  lozenges, as it soothes your throat.

·         Sleep with your head in an  elevated position.

·         During winter use a humidifier to moisten the air in your room to prevent nocturnal coughing.

·         Ginger in combination with tulsi is also an effective remedy for cough. Crush about 10 leaves of tulsi. Mix it with juice extract from one piece of  ginger. Add  an equal quantity of honey and mix thoroughly.  Take a single teaspoon of this  thrice a day to get relief from cough. 

·         Lightly crush 5 cloves of peeled garlic and saute in a teaspoon of ghee.  Consume it when still warm for relief from cough and cold. 

·         Mix cloves with honey and store it in the refrigerator overnight. Remove the cloves in the morning and consume 1 tbs of honey. This soothes the  throat  and reduces  pain /inflammation. 

·         People who don’t mind the strong spicy flavour of pepper can also add  some black pepper powder and turmeric into a mixture of ginger juice with  honey. Slowly lick this paste 10-15 minutes thrice a day. It helps  reduce congestion in throat and reduces cough. 

·         And also Black peppers have piperine a compound known for anti fever and pain relieving properties.

·         Thyme is an expectorant and also contains substances that relax the respiratory tract. To make thyme tea, put 2 tsp of fresh thyme into a cup of hot  water. Allow it to infuse  for 5 minutes. Sip the liquid slowly.

     .      If you have a sore throat sip hot water with honey (thrice  a day).

    .    Vitamin c is an antioxidant that can reduce the symptoms of cold . As we know oranges and lemons are good source of vitamin c but it is not advisable to take these  things in cold and cough , because they can irritate the inflamed tissues of your throat . Broccoli, cabbage, red bell peppers, papaya, sweet potato, tomato are also good sources of  vitamin C . So make it a habit to eat these things daily.    

.        In fruits you can take apples, pine apples ,pears, watermelons.

    Foods to be  avoided in Cold & Cough :-

          - Do not take processed foods such as pastries , sweets, cookies etc as they contain large amount of sugar and  Maida (Refined wheat flour )  which suppresses  your  immunity .

           - Avoid  pickles 

           - Avoid fried  foods as they are difficult to digest and suppress your immune system

           - Avoid dairy products such as milk, yogurt, ice- creams as they make the mucus stickier and thicker which is highly uncomfortable .

          -  Avoid hard  foods ;  always eat soft foods in cold.

   Note : Taking steam with drops of Eucalyptus oil added in water gives you quick relief from cold.


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