How to Reduce Your Salt Intake how-to-reduce-your-salt-intake

·Recommended salt per day- 2300mg/day


·You find salt in sausages, packed items like - chips, juices, namkeen etc. It is essential in small amount but large amounts increase blood volume, making the work of heart harder. Do not make it a habit to add salt in  every cooking. Without salt  also it can be tasty.


·Cut down to package food. Try to use home made things; you will be surprised that whole wheat bread contains 150 to 190 mg of sodium per slice. If you eat 4 slices, it means you are taking app. 600-800 mg at one time.


·At restaurants you can avoid salt by ordering steamed veggies or roasted things



·Always wash the canned food before  eating


·Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.


·Use fresh fish, chicken rather than frozen  types.


·Avoid instant pasta cereals which have added  salts.


·Read the label carefully and choose the products which are low in sodium or no sodium.

Often people complain that without salt, the food is not tasty.

·You can add black pepper as seasoning instead of salt.


·Use ginger garlic paste & lemon in your food, you will notice that  you need less amount of salt to bring flavour in food.


·Add fresh herbs and spices to pasta dishes, vegetables etc.


·Have  Salad with reduced fat /mayonnaise instead of pickles which are usually rich in salt.


Note:- it will take time to adjust with low salt food items, slowly  you will start to taste the real flavor of natural food.