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The fastest and Easiest Moong Dal Sprouts in Microwave

09 Sep 2017

Ingredients – 

Organic Moong dal  - 1/2 cup .

Water for soaking – 2 cup.

Method :-

Wash the moong dal in water 2-3 times .

Drain all the water.

Now put the moong dal in medium size bowl.

Add the water 

Let it soak for 7-8 hours

After 7-8 hours drain out all the water.

Cover the moong dal bowl with a lid and put it in the microwave. Do not run the microwave.

Sprinkle some water on moong dal after every 3-4 hours.

 You will see sprout tails appear after 5 to 6 hours.

 Your moong dal sprouts will be ready in about 11 to 12 hours.

The Sprouts remain fresh in fridge for 3 to 4 days. You can use them when  required.

Tips –

While sprinkling the water don’t disturb the moong dal.

Try to purchase organic moong dal.

Try to eat your sprouts while the root is still one thin thread.  Once sub roots begin to appear, the sprouts are much less palatable.

Always wash the sprouts thoroughly before serving.

The important thing to remember is that much of the nutritive value of sprouts is lost when they are heated. So eat it raw.

Eating of sprouts kept for long period is not advisable.

Do not eat it regularly.

Health benefits of sprouts :-

Being  low in calories  , they help in weight loss .

They are  rich in enzymes and  so improve the digestive process .

Rich in iron so they help prevent anemia .

 Boost the metabolism.

Rich in antioxidants and  thus protect against cancer .

Great source of vitamin A  and so good for improving vision.

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and hence friendly for heart .

 Dr. Suman Setia, BAMS , PGDHHM, DNHE

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