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Top Brain Boosting Foods


Brain fog is a common term used to describe people who experience symptoms of confusion,forgetfulness,lack of focus and mental ability.The ability to concentrate comes from the adequate and steady supply of energy to the brain. To achieve this always eat foods with low GI (Read at   Foods Having High and Low GI ) These are products which release glucose slowly in to the blood  stream. Brain is the most energy greedy organ in our bodies -   weighing only 2% of our body weight but consuming more than 20% of our calorie intake.

Blueberries : -

All types of berries like blackberry, blueberry etc. are effective in improving the memory power.

Tomatoes : -

Tomatoes have a powerful antioxidant lycopene , which protects  us from free radicals. It also activates your brain.

Vitamin B and C foods:-

Having  lot of fruits enriched with  vitamin B and C (amla ,guava etc ) help  increase the mental ability.

Broccoli :-

It is a great source of  vitamin K which enhances the brain power.

Nuts :-

Nuts are a great source of  vitamin E  ; daily a handful of walnuts helps to boosts the brain power


Iron fortified cereals like kellogs, oat meal should be taken in breakfast .

Green leafy vegetables like spinach etc should be eaten with little olive oil  . Its healthy fats boost absorption of fat soluble vitamin E and K. Nitrates are found in spinach - increasing blood flow to the brain and improving mental performance.

Beans - These are excellent source of complex carbohydrates. So the absorption is slow and giving us a steady supply of glucose for the brain.

Red Cabbage - Its powerful antioxidants benefits the brain.

Dark chocolates  :-

Not all chocolates are created with equal quality. But  dark chocolate does have some significant health benefits . It is rich in fiber , iron,and magnesium . It is the most powerful antioxidant in  the world.  It contain flavonoids which is also good for brain health. 


Apples have  quercetin-  an antioxidant which keeps your mental juices flowing by protecting your brain cells .if you eat apples with their skin  you will get more benefit.

Salmon fish is also  known to be very good for your brain health .

Turmeric :-

It is rich in curcumin .  It has anti inflammatory property and it lowers the artery clogging cholesterol and  thus provides a sufficient  supply of blood to the brain.

Pumpkin seeds - They contain tryptophan, which our brain converts into serotonin to combat anxiety and depression.

Water :-

About  three quarters of your brain is water . Experiments have proved that those who were well hydrated scored significantly better than those who were not drinking enough.

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 Dr. Suman Setia ,BAMS (MDU),DNHE,PGDHHM .

Last Modified: September 18, 2015 01:46 PM
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top brain boosting foods diet to boost the brain

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