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Diet in dengue fever


             Dengue virus is transmitted by a bite from Aedes aegypti mosquito. Only the female mosquito transmits the dengue virus . This mosquito is a daytime biter both inside and outside homes and is most active in the hours after sunrise and before sunset. It breeds inside and outside the home in containers holding water and rarely fly more than 200 meters from the breeding site.So , you need to keep your surroundings clean to avoid it.

Symptoms of Dengue fever :-

-Fever, skin rash, severe muscle and joint pain, severe headaches. Some cases have few symptoms of nausea and vomiting. This fever debilitates  or weakens your body. It is called 'Break Bone Fever ' also.

-In  the dengue fever liver of the patient is targeted  ;  there is impaired functioning of  the liver . So it becomes very important to supply your body with easy to digest food.

-Dengue patients generally lose their appetite .  You  will have to try a variety of light and delicious homemade foods in small quantities.

To prevent dehydration – drink plenty of water or liquid drinks-  such as coconut water ,ors , juices   to replenish electrolytes in your  body .

Having ginger tea or herbal tea helps  prevent fever .

Giloey andTulsi tea :- Boil 10-15 basil leaves and 4-5 leaves of giloey in 200 ml of water on low flame for half an hour . Strain it and drink it 2-3 times in a day.

In Ayurveda juice of crushed papaya leaves is considered as the best remedy in dengue fever - give two tablespoons of this in morning or night  for at least one week to get better result. It is bitter in taste and you would probably have to mix it with fruit juice.  "Papaya Juice " is a sure shot proven relief for Dengue . Papin enzyme in papaya juice helps to improve your depleting platelets count. You can also take papaya leaf extract tablets instead of papaya leaf juice.

Orange juice, lemon juice & Amla juice  -  It enhances the urinary output , also it has lots of vitamins and minerals . These also promote antibody production. Vitamin C present in these fruits can aid in preventing dengue hemorrhagic fever. 

To increase the blood count pomegranate juice or black grape juice or aloe vera juice should be given.

Fruits and vegetable juice – Carrot and cucumber juice are also good to drink . Straw berry  and Kiwi juices help in  production of lymphocytes.

Protein rich food such as milk or egg  should be given to patients for speedy recovery  (Goat milk is good to drink if available It is believed that goat milk helps to increase the platelets count but there is no specific evidence to establish this belief)

Avoid spicy ,fatty ,oily and fried food .

Note :- Soups and juices enhance the hunger of patient  . Give liquid diet for 3-4 days . After improvement in the  digestive system you can give soft  solid  food to the patient like boiled vegetables,porridge , rice porridge , bananas etc. With a little bit care the patient will recover fast. Chyavanprash can be taken as it is an immune booster, blood purifier and increases the  blood count. 


The most effective form of treatment is actually prevention. Avoid stagnant water as that is the place where mosquitoes reproduce.  Go for fogging or hit spray to eliminate mosquitoes  , use mosquito nets , stay indoors at dawn and dusk when the Aedes mosquitoes are most active . Apart from eliminating  or avoiding the mosquitoes the researchers are working on a dengue vaccine as well as medication targeted directly at the virus. Aspirin and ibuprofen should not be given to a patient of dengue. Paracetamol is the drug of choice for fever in dengue cases.

Warning :- Most cases can be treated at home with a watch on the symptoms but In some cases dengue fever can turn into something more serious known as hemorrhagic fever. This can cause bleeding, vomiting, belly pain and even death also. People with dengue hemorrhagic fever need to be treated in a  special medical facility immediately.

Dr. Suman Setia , BAMS,DNHE,PGDHHM.

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Last Modified: September 16, 2015 08:51 AM
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