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Top 12 Cool Foods in Summer

28 Mar 2015

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important in summer season. This will help you stay fit and cool in this season. So friends try to include these 12  foods in your daily diet .You are definitely going to enjoy and stay fit this summer:


It is prepared by dry roasted grains like Bengal gram ,barley , wheat. Very effective and   one of the oldest method to keep  your  body cool. Drink it in plain water or add lemon to make it more tasty.


It is easily digestible. You can take it in any form like lassi, raita,  pudding etc.  Adding  pudina (Peppermint)  in raita  keeps you fresh for  the whole day.


Unripe mango or kachhi kairi is very effective as it protects us from heat strokes. You can take ripe mangoes in summers after soaking them in water overnight.  Having  Aam panna in summers  is very very beneficial.

It is full of electrolytes and essentials minerals . it has wonderful cooling properties which help cool the body. Use only fresh coconut water  and not  the packed one.

Onions/ tomatoes

They have also amazing cooling properties  . Red onions have natural anti allergens .  They  also help in sun stroke . Have lots of onions dipped in lemon juice in salad. Tomatoes  act as natural sunscreen. So have plenty of tomatoes in summers.  You can take it in any form like salad, chutney, curry or soup.

Nimbu pani/ lemonade 

Easy  to make and very very refreshing. Use desi khand  for more benefit rather than refined sugar. Its flavour  is awesome and liked by every person.


It has lots of fibers and thus keep you away from constipation and makes you fresh whole day. You can take it in any form -salad or raita. Eating without peeling is more beneficial.

They help in inducing better sleep for people who have insomnia ( lack of sleep) in summers.

Watermelon/musk melon

It is full of antioxidants .it has 90% water and lots of fibers .  it protect you from dehydration.

Green vegetables

like gourd, pumpkin have high water contents. So have plenty of green vegetables.


It is found in  India only. A glass of kokum juice improves appetite and prevents dehydration.


Thandai ingredients like poppy seeds(khas khas) , fennel seeds, musk melon seeds ,rose petals have  a very good cooling effect.

So friends in  this summer have salad of onion, tomato, kheera, crushed pudina  and dhania , sprinkled with lemon juice daily 1 hour before meal

Note :

You can Switch your morning tea with a cup of  cold coffee. It will keep you  cool and fresh.

Dr. Suman  setia , BAMS , DNHE,PGDHHM

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