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Benefits of Aam Panna


 If you want to beat the summer heat , go for raw mangoes rather than ripe mangoes. Raw mango is a bit sour in taste because of the presence of  oxalic Citric ,malice and succinic acid.The most popular recipe in North West India is Aam Panna.


The benefits of Aam Panna are :

-           It helps to improve digestion by fighting with acids of stomach. It is a sure shot (Ramban) medicine for  Gastro intestinal disorders.

-          It helps in preventing Diarrhoea.

-          It is rich in Iron and Vitamin ‘C’ . In order to help in absorption of Iron in the body, we take additional Vitamin C, but in Aam Panna , we find Iron and Vitamin C together . So , it is very good for anemic people and it boosts our immune system.

-          It prevents our body to excrete excess salts and iron during sweating . Thus it helps to beat the heat.

-          Unripe mangoes are also rich in Vitamin B1,1B 2 etc. These Vitamins provide us energy.

-          It acts as a tonic increasing our body resistance against TB, dysentery, Cholera , Anemia etc.


How to Make Aam Panna:

Step by step :

·         First of all take 3 or 4 raw mangoes.

·         Peel their outer skin and remove their seeds.

·         Cut these into small pieces.

·         Add two cups of water and boil on heat.

·         Now blend this mixture with a blender or in a grinder to make pulp.

·         Add sugar to this pulp according to your taste.

·         Preserve the mixture in a refrigerator (Do not freeze it).

·         At the time of serving fill the half glass with pulp and remaining half with cold water.

Add rock salt, roasted ground cumin seed ,dry peppermint powder or fresh  peppermint leaves and black pepper powder.

 It is awesome to drink.......

By this you can beat the heat of summer....





Last Modified: February 09, 2015 11:46 PM
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