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How to Avoid Ebola by Diet

14 Oct 2014

Ebola virus (Hemorrhagic fever)

The Ebola virus attacks immune cells and can cause the immune system to run out of control and release a storm of inflammatory molecules which cause tiny blood vessels to burst and this lowers the blood pressure and leads to organs failure.

Ebola gets its name from the Ebola river which is near one of the villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the disease first appeared..

We get infection only by direct contact with the infected person  and not by  air ,water etc.


Fever , headache, diarrhea, stomach pain , lack of appetite, severe weight loss, pain in joint and muscles, internal bleeding .

In severe cases bleeding occurs from eyes, ears, nose because this virus lowers the quantity of blood clotting cells .

No vaccine is available for this

Tips for Prevention:-

The Ebola virus has been around for a long time . The reason  people are dying  is because they are already suffering from severe nutritional deficiencies. The only proven system to help eradicate the Ebola virus is yours body's immune system .To improve your immunity you should focus on healing foods , herbs, that have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties .

Wash hands properly .

Avoid contact with blood and body fluids of any infected person .

Prevention is better than cure. Don't visit countries infected with Ebola virus( Uganda, Congo, Gabon,Sudan etc). Avoid contacting any infected person or dead bodies.

Treat your injuries immediately.

Avoid bush meat ,bat meat or local meat which is not hygienic.

Always maintain your surroundings hygienic condition.

Use Tulsi Leaves in your diet either in tea or in juice form to boost your immune system. It has been recommended by Indian Ayurvedicians to help you prevent from any type of diseases.

Do not eat raw meat ( If food products are properly prepared and cooked humans can not be infected by consuming them , because the Ebola virus is inactivated through cooking .

Hydration , Nutrition and appropriate medication can have a positive effect . Keep yourself hydrated at all times , it helps to remove toxic from your body .

Ginger ,garlic have antiviral property, the right way to receive their benefits is through freshly prepared juices or in capsule or in tea form.

It is discovered that large doses of vitamin C fight with viruses and strengthen the blood vessels . So have foods rich in vitamin C.

Malnourished people are more prone to this disease because they have less immunity to fight against disease .

Include  lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet to boost your immune system

People must take foods that are high in anti-oxidants .Honey is rich in antioxidants but skip the local honey as it has the lowest antioxidants  .Look for the Buck wheat honey which has the highest antioxidants.

Take yellow fruits, red fruits and vegetables to boost immunity.

Avoid refined sugar

use Probiotics in your diet to boost your immunity

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