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Miracles of Probiotics


Miracles of Probiotics:-

Probiotics are lactic acid bacteria . which are used in production of yogurt, various fermented milk etc…

Probiotics are foods that can improve the balance of bacteria to assist with digestion and help  protect against harmfull bacteria by stimulating phagocytes which help to destroy foreign organisms .These probiotics provide conditions in the gut that are unfavourable for pathogenic infections.

When antibiotics , stress ,lifestyle factors , stale foods adversely affect the population of good bacteria in our gut ,we are placed  at increased risk of infectious and non infectious diseases . At this time the use of probiotics  works wonderfully.

Uses :-

When ingested in adequate amount , it confers  a  positive health effect on the host. It act as an anti-inflammatory compound .Probiotics have beneficial effects at all stages of life including the very early ones. In young children the immune and digestive system are still developing , but these systems can be made strong by the billions of friendly bacteria that live in the digestive tract

-          It aids in the digestion of food

-          It stimulates the immune system

-          It neutralizes the toxins in the alimentary canal

-          Prevent  eczema in children

-          Treats IBS

-          Treats diarrhoea and constipation

-          Treats UTI

-          During use of antibiotics use of probiotics reduces the side effects of antibiotics.

-          Reduces accumulation of cholesterol in arteries

-          Improves liver functions

-          Helps to maintain hormonal balance

-          Enhances the  mental ability

-          Inhibits formation of tumor

-          Helps  prevent osteoporosis


     So friends  start using probiotics  from any of the sources available .You can find  about the various sources of probiotics at  use of probiotics in ulcerative colitis


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