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Top 12 Foods to Relieve Stress/Tension

15 Feb 2015

Tension has become a part of our daily routine. Tension at work, tension at home , tension in school –even young people and children are tensed most of the times in the modern fast and materialistic society. Continuous tension affects our health and immune system to a great extent. Our immune system becomes weak and we fall ill quite often. Research has found that whenever we are tensed –Cortisol level increases in our body. This increased Cortisol  causes tension and related diseases. Cortisol has been termed as the “Stress Hormone” . A small level of it is good and once it has increased , it should come to normal after sometime. But if we are under continuous stress, it becomes chronic and is very harmful.

But nature has given us such fruits and vegetables etc which reduce the level of Cortisol in our body and thus reduce the tension naturally to keep us fit. Here is the list of 12 such foods that you should include in your and your children’s diet to automatically keep tension under control:

1 )      Milk : A glass of milk before bed is good to relieve tension. It contains anti-oxidants that help destroy free radicals associated with stress. If you do not like milk, you can take it in another form like curd , custard, Paneer, Kheer, flavoured milk or shakes etc.

2 )      Almonds : Just a handful of almonds everyday in your diet will boost your immunity and thus help relieve the stress. Soaked and peeled almonds are good to eat rather than salty or plain almonds.

3 )      Bananas: These are rich in Potassium and minerals that help to reduce tension. Always eat ripe bananas.

4 )      Berries & Oranges : All types of berries like Blue Berry , Straw berry, Raspberries and oranges are rich in Vitamin C . This helps reduce the Blood Pressure and makes you calm. You feel relaxed and stress free.

5 )      Garlic: It is rich in anti-oxidants which neutralize the free radicals.

6 )      Spinach : It is packed with Magnesium , the mineral that helps to control the Cortisol level. If you do not like spinach, mash the spinach and add to the flour before making Chapatis. You would see that children will like this green nutritious chapattis. You can mash any other vegetables also without the kids knowing it and they will get god mineral supplement.

7 )      Walnuts & Cashews : Wlnuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids  and other anti-oxidants to make you health and stress free.

Cashews are rich in Zinc. Since our body has no way of storing zinc , it is important to get some of it every day. Low level of zinc is responsible for anxiety.

8 )      Cornflakes : These are fortified with Vitamin B and Folic Acid which also reduce tension.

9 )      Oatmeal : These help to relieve tension by introducing a hormone Serotonic.

10)  Dark Chocolates : They have two anti-oxidants (Polyphenol and Flavonols) whch make you feel calm. So you can eat dark chocolates once in a week.

11)    Broccoli : The folic acid present in Broccoli is very useful to help relieve stress.

12)  Fish : If you are non-vegetarian fish is a very good food to reduce stress. The Omega -3 fatty acids present in fish is very helpful in relieving body as it reduces the Cortisol level.

So , friends make it a habit to include these items in your daily diet.

Note :  You should  also do some workouts/Yoga etc to relieve your body. Deep breathing is very helpful in  reducing stress and tension.

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