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How to make delicious Rava Upma



Upma is a South Indian breakfast dish. It is  made from Rava or Sooji . It is also called  Semolina or  cream of wheat in English. It is liked very much in other parts of India also. It is a very healthy breakfast as it contains a  lot of vegetables and dry fruits .


Sooji/ Rava – 1 cup

Chopped onions  - ½ cup

Chopped carrots – ½ cup

Chopped capsicum (green)  - ½ cup

Chopped green chilies  -according to your taste

Chopped green coriander – ½ cup

Curry leaves  - 10 to 12 leaves

Roasted or fried peanuts – 1/4th cup

Roasted or fried cashews – 1/4th cup

Mustard seeds – ½ tsp

Salt as per taste

White pepper powder - according to your taste

Oil - 2 tbs (Table Spoon)

Desi ghee 2 tbs

Water – 3 cups

Lemon juice – 1 tbs

Recipe/ Method :-

Heat  the  pan  and add 1 cup rava to it.

Stir continuously while roasting the rava.

Sooji grains should become light brown in colour  and not  very dark brown.

Now put it in another pan and keep aside .

Heat the pan again and add 2 tbs oil.

Now add 1 tsp mustard seeds, wait and  after crackling sound of mustard seeds add all chopped vegetables.

 After 5 minutes of sauteing , add the green coriander and curry leaves.

Now mix the rava and add salt and white pepper according to your taste. Add 3 cups of water, stir it continuously on medium flame.

When rava grains absorb water and swell , it means rava is properly cooked.

Add two tablespoon of desi ghee for more taste.

 Switch off the flame . Add roasted cashews and peanuts.

 Cover it for 10 minutes.

Before serving Garnish it with green coriander and lemon.

 Enjoy the delicious Upma after squeezing lemon juice.

Few suggestions:-

Before making Upma proper roasting of Sooji is must to avoid stickiness and to get proper taste.

Always put water exactly three times the quantity  of the Sooji.

Put roasted cashews , peanuts in  the end after putting off the flame . This will  maintain its crunchiness.

Wait for 10 minutes before serving after you have put off the flame.

Squeeze lemon just before serving

I m sure you will love it.

Try it at home and give me your feedback .

Health benefits of sooji :-

It contains phosphorus , zinc, and magnesium which is good for nervous system.

Due to low Glycemic  Index it is good for diabetic patient also.

It is low in sodium and cholesterol and high in fiber.  Thus  it is good for heart patients also.

It is an excellent source of iron  and  prevents anemia

it keeps you full for a longer time and prevents you from overeating.  So it helps in shedding  fats.

                                                                                                                                                         Dr. Suman Setia



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