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Diet to Increase Weight During 9th month of pregnancy


Instead of consuming three large meals eat smaller and more frequent meals . Try to have something every 2 hours .It will help you to minimize acid reflux.

              Things to remember:-

-          Get plenty of rest at night & rest when you are tired during the day. Resting provides you energy.

-          Reduce your level of activity.

-          Reduce stress and anxiety

-          Increase the calcium in your diet by milk, yogurt, broccoli, tofu, fortified  grains, eggs , almonds, beans.

-          Have fibrous  food( fruits and vegetables ) to avoid constipation.

-          Increase the iron level in your body by green vegetables , soyabean, broccoli, lentils, egg yolk, chicken.

-          Increase the vitamin C by oranges and tomatoes .


-          Diet plan that you have to follow daily:

-          6-11 servings of whole grain bread(chapattis)

-          2-4 servings of fruits

-          4-5 servings of vegetables

-          3 servings of protein rich food like dry fruits, peanut butter.

-          Drink adequate water to hydrate your baby and yourself ( 2 litre per day )

-          4 servings of dairy products like tofu, curd, milk ,paneer etc


Avoid  :-


-          Fried food

-          Spicy food

-          Soda

-          Deserts

-          Sugary things

-          Tea, coffee

-          Over eating

Last Modified: February 07, 2015 05:55 PM
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