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Diet plan for easier periods


By following these tips you can make your periods  less painful.:.

Note – Follow these diet tips one week before your menstruation date.

 ·    Avoid sugary, processed and junk food before periods. These foods contain refined carbohydrates and lots of  sodium , both of which can worsen your symptoms.

·         Drink a lot of water it will boost your metabolism.

·      Eliminate salt from food as much as possible before your menstruation, because sodium increase water retention and you feel bloated.

·         Eat nuts and soyabean.s to stabilize blood sugar.

·         Eat variety of berries like blueberries ,raspberries to help in reducing the symptoms of low oestrogen.

·         Eat Dark chocolates to elevate your mood

·         Women who consume adequate amount of B vitamin have lower risk of PMS.

·         Add leafy vegetables to boost your iron level.

·         Eat  fruits rich in vitamin C .

·      Women who consume the 1200 mg calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D per day have lower chance of PMS . Calcium is found in yogurt , cheese, milk.  Vitamin D  is found in salmon fish. For vegetarians mushroom is a good source of vitamin D.

·         Keep sugary and salty foods out of your house .Keep fresh fruits and vegetables around you.


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