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Gives home treatment for various ailment conditions.

Home treatment for hypothyroidism

You should avoid certain fruits and vegetables that can diminish the thyroid's production of thyroxin such as Broccoli, Cabbage,. Continue reading

Home Treatment For Anaemia

·If you drink coffee or tea , do so between meals rather than with meals . Caffeine in these beverages reduces the iron absorption. Continue reading

Use Of Probiotics In Ulcerative Colitis

Diet : Your diet may include dairy products, breads, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Probiotics play a very important role in curing. Continue reading

Home remedies for cold and cough

he common cold and cough is an ailment condition that can affect us any time in winter or in other seasons. It drains out all of your. Continue reading

Best Home Remedies for Sinusitis

Reasons of sinusitis :- It may be due to virus , bacteria , fungi , due to allergies, a cold or environmental triggers which make. Continue reading

Diet in hyperacidity

The diet should consist of milk with little sugar, and old rice in small quantity at a time. · Other recommended dietary foods are:. Continue reading