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Can a food reduce the risk of breast cancer


No food or diet can prevent you from getting breast cancer. But some foods help to boost your immune system and help the body to fight against the disease.


LOW FAT DIET :-May reduce the risk of breast cancer. Reducing  fats means loss in weight which reduces the chances of breast cancer.

FRUITS :- Like strawberries ,red pepper are rich in vitamin C  - an antioxidant which blocks the formation of free radicals.

WHEAT BRAN :-Wheat bran contains phytic acid and lignans which help  block the growth of mammary cancer(Lab studies)

FLAVONOIDS :-Research show that  those who consumed  Flavonoids over their entire lives have lower risk of breast cancer.SOY is a rich source of flavonoids.

FIBROUS FOOD :- 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day help  fight against cancer.

OMEGA -3 FATTY ACIDS :- This Is found in soy ,flax seeds ,walnuts and fish .This fatty acid reduces blood fat  thus protecting us against cancer.

VITAMIN D  :-It decreases the risk of cancer , perhaps it is toxic to cancer cells. Most of us do not get enough vitamin  D because we live most of the time indoors and outdoors with sun screen. So 20 minute  exposure of  sunlight (in the morning)   is sufficient for the daily dose of Vitamin D . But we should stay in sun just after  sunrise , because the rays are not so strong  at that time.


FOLATE:- Folate decreases the risk of cancer .Spinach ,tomatoes,orange juice etc  contain a lot of folate.

TOMATO SAUCE (Homemade) contains lycopene which prevenst cancer.

MONOUNSATURATED FATS :- This type of fat has anti carcinogenic property.Rich source of this fat is olive oil. So include olive oil in your diet.

GREEN TEA  :- It is high in antioxidants .But do not add milk in it . The casein milk has been shown to inhibit  the beneficial effects of tea.


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