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आइये जानें मिश्री और शुगर में क्या अंतर है ?


what's the difference between Mishri/Candy sugar and Sugar?

The difference between ordinary refined sugar and candy sugar is as much as that between naturally slowly crystallized sea salt and iodized salt. Iodized salt is more salty while sea salt is less.


Misri is the original or raw form of sugar .  The large crystalline form of sugar is called Mishri. Mishri also known as rock sugar. In India Mishri is offered to  deities as Bhog and distributed as Prasad or blessings of God.


Sugar is refined form of Mishri . Hence it loses its natural qualities of healing , like raw fruits and vegetables are more nutritional than cooked ones.

Another difference between mishri and sugar is:

Sugar is a commercial manufacturing process called sulphur process.While Mishri is sulphur free sugar.

 In olden days there was no refining technology of sugar ; hence they were using this raw form of solid sugar called Mishri. 

If you taste refined sugar and the candy sugar,  you will be able to realize the difference. Apparently this is because candy sugar contains some minerals also.

In Ayurveda, the medicines are taken/prescribed with mishri or honey. This way absorption of medicine is faster.

Point to be noted- Maternal sugar consumption raises the risk of pre-eclampsia (A disorder that may occur late in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure,edema, protein in the urine etc. It may develop in to eclampsia),  while paternal sugar consumption may lead to obese offspring.

  Side effects of consuming more sugar: 

 It causes high BP.


 Wakes up  the cancer cells.

 Metabolic disorders.

 Our body produces enough glucose from other forms of food, so no need to consume any type of refined sugar or Mishri etc.


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