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Why heart attacks are common in the morning?

06 Dec 2018

What is a Heart Attack?

A: The Heart is a muscle and it also needs blood and oxygen to survive. A heart attack occurs when the blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart muscle is severely reduced or cut off completely. Due to the lack of oxygen, the heart muscles do not work. It leads to the failure of our heart to pump enough blood to all parts of our body. The person feels mild or severe chest pain. It has been suggested that morning heart attacks are more of biological reason than behavioral.

The heart attack can happen to anybody, anywhere and at any time. The most dangerous time is the last phase of sleep and right after you wake up. Most heart attacks hit during the early morning hours between 4-10am. In the morning there is a sudden increase in demand for our heart.

Reasons for the Heart attack in the morning:

1)Our blood pressure is highest in the morning than in the evening, Because it rises quickly to get you ready for the day.

2) Blood vessels are thicker in the morning, just as our muscles and joints feel stiffer when we get up, our blood vessels are thicker and more rigid, which makes them more likely to build up plaque.

3)Blood is also thicker in the morning. The platelets in our blood, which help in the clot, are sticking in the morning and more likely hit the scars and tears caused by high blood pressure and soft arteries, clots form and the stage for a heart attack is set.

According to Ayurveda Vaat dominates in the morning. When there is a dominance of vaat, the impact is on the heart. It already has heart blocks, heart attack might occur.

How to avoid Heart attack in the morning?

The fact is, many of us can control the lifestyle factors that prevent heart disease. Only 30% of how we age, is controlled by genetics. This leaves a full 70% of how we age, including how our hearts age, in our direct control.

What you eat matters. You have a waistline, not a waste line. 

Drink water before bedtime: Research says that who drinks five or more glasses of plain water per day have a much lower risk of fatal coronary heart disease, compared to those who drink less than two glasses per day. It's even more important to drink before bedtime because it helps improve circulation during the hours you are at the greatest risk for a heart attack.

Remember: The first step towards prevention is knowing yourself. Get to the doctor and find out your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

Dr. Suman Setia

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