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Weight Loss Without Reducing Diet


Weight  Loss without Reducing Diet

Weight loss is a slow process . Fast weight loss is not good for your health because for fast weight loss your efforts could be unhealthy and you can not maintain it for a long time . Slow and steady efforts will help you maintain your weight loss for the longer duration.

Here I am giving you some tips which will help you  lose weight slowly without dieting:-

1-      First of all avoid food that retain water in your body . As you know  water retention is the major

cause of obesity .


2-      Secondly there are many types of foods which you can eat any time without fear of gaining weight


        Have a look at these foods


Soya proteins – These proteins take time to digest, thus keeping your tummy full for a longer time . Also they have high quality  proteins . So add soya products in your daily routine diet .

The soya products available are soya paneer (tofu), soya milk , soya beans , soya flour etc.


Apples – These contain lot of fibers which will make your stomach full for a longer time and help prevent  weight  gain.


Brown rice – Use brown rice instead of polished rice . It is rich in fiber and helpful in controlling weight


Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants which help increase your metabolism and reduce fats from your body.


Green tea – Two cups of green tea are good for your health. Green tea boosts your metabolism , not your appetite thus helping to prevent you from over eating.


Coconut water- it has no fats . It is a rich source of  vitamins and minerals .


Vegetable soup – Research shows that those who start their meal with vegetable soup , they eat less in the main course . So they take less calories.


Oranges – Have a large amount of fiber and vitamin C which boosts your metabolism  and gets rid of  excessive fats .


Oat meals – Studies shows that oat meals did not spike blood sugar as high as eating refined carbohydrates . Such types of foods having  low glycemic index help to shed off extra weight .


Almonds – Add 50 gm of almonds in your daily diet and chew it slowly .It helps in  releasing  a hormone which curbs hunger.


Coriander – Coriander is a natural diuretic that reduces water retention and improves digestion , thus helping the body to get rid of waste products . This is very much necessary for weight loss.


Pumpkin – It is full of fiber and low in calories . It is a super healthy food .


Dates – Try to eat 2 pieces of dates as a sweet dish because they are rich in fiber , vitamins and minerals (but take only two pieces per day as you know dry fruits are a more concentrated source of calories .


Corn – It is a rich source of protein and fiber . It helps keep your tummy full . While eating do not lavish it with salt and butter.


Roasted yam – it is also rich in fiber and have low glycemic index , thus keeps you satisfied for longer duration.


Green vegetables such as spinach , methi are full of fibers ,lots of vitamins and minerals keeping your tummy full for a longer time .


Beans  - These are also rich in protein and fiber and help  in maintaining weight .


From  all  above  recommended  foods you can prepare your own diet chart without fear to gain weight.





Last Modified: February 07, 2015 06:13 PM
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