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Top 6 Healthy Drinks


Water: - In all the available drinks , this is always at no. 1.  It is a major component of  blood as well as our body tissues. It helps in digestion and also de-toxifies our body.

·       Lemon juice: - It is rich in vitamin "C”.  It boosts our immune system.

·       Mint tea: - It helps in digestion and also for curing the cramps.

·       Green Tea: - Green tea contains natural antioxidants which help to reduce any type of cancer. These antioxidants also help in relaxing blood vessels thus preventing  us from heart diseases. It also contains fluoride which makes the teeth strong.

·       Ginger Tea:-It helps in digestion. It has anti inflammatory compound called gingerol, thus it is helpful in arthritis.

·       Beet root juice: -It helps in lowering your high BP. It also helps in increasing the blood flow.


Note: -To have maximum benefit try to make all juices at home. Avoid packaged juices , which all contain some preservatives. 


Last Modified: February 08, 2015 06:13 AM
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