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Top 10 Diet mistakes during Diwali


Top 10 Diet mistakes People do during Diwali….

 Here are the most common diet mistakes /blunders that people make during the festive season:

1)    Avoid cocktails – Cocktails are  a combination of alcohol and juices etc. It should be totally avoided as these are calorie bombs and will make you dehydrated.

2)    Avoid sweets having artificial colors and chemical preservatives , as they can cause damage to your kidneys and liver and even trigger asthma attacks. Avoid rainbow pastries, cakes etc.

3)    Avoid white sugar – Opt for brown sugar or jiggery while making sweets at home.

4)    Avoid cold drinks – Having cold drinks during festive gathering would make you dehydrated and increase your calorie intake. Always stay hydrated during festive season. Drinking regular water will help detox your body. You can take detox water, coconut water or simple lemon water.

5)    Avoid non fibrous food like food items made with Maida. You can suffer from constipation after consuming these non- fibrous foods.  So always eat foods rich in fiber.

6)    Avoid eating sweets with silver coating as these coatings are adulterated with Aluminum and are unhealthy for you.

7)    Avoid heavy foods - Do not take heavy breakfast or lunch during Diwali days. This way you can have space for more calories in the evening when you have to meet friends and relatives.

8)    During visit to friends – when you visit your friends and relatives try to take some nuts rather sweets. Nuts are healthy and save you from a lot of calories intake too.

9)    Avoid sweets made with Khoya :  Khoya is mostly adulterated during this period. So you should opt for Chenna based sweets like Rasgullas, Sandesh etc. Sweets made with dry fruits, dates and figs are healthier options as well.

10)                      Avoid eating food items made with reused oil. The biggest mistake that sweet shops make is that they tend to reuse the oil while frying sweets. Sweets made by this method cause acidity and heart burn. So opt for baked or steamed options such as Shrikhand , Phirni,  Kheer etc.


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