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Tips to reduce excess salt from food

22 Mar 2019

Highly effective tips to remove excess salt from food.

While cooking many beginners have a problem in adding the required quantity of salt to the dish or recipe. Either they add less salt to the curry or add more of it. Adding too much salt, even by mistake, makes the dish unpalatable, and also not good for our health. Instead of throwing away the dish in the trash, check out these tips to help you utilize the same dish. Before going to that I would like to tell you that adding less salt is always better, as we can add in later on whenever needed.

Here are some very easy tips and tricks to reduce excess salt from your food. 

If you have added too much salt by mistake there is a way to sort that out:

(A) In dishes with Gravy:-

You can add water. Water is the common solution used for balancing the excess salt in the dish.


You can add home-made tomato puree and cook for few more minutes on low heat.


You can add tamarind Paste.


You can add raw potatoes pieces to soak up the salt. Simply peel and cut a large potato in half. Add it to the high salted dish. Let the potatoes remain in the dish for about 20 minutes, Potatoes will absorb the excess salt from the dish. Discard the potato pieces before serving the dish or after adding potatoes you can cook the dish for a few minutes on low heat. Discard the potatoes before serving.



Make some balls of wheat flour dough and put them in the curry. Keep them for 10-15 minutes and the balls will soak excess salt from the dish. Take them out before serving. The size and number of dough balls you should place depends upon the quantity of salt that you want to reduce. More salt means more balls and vice-versa.


Add some milk.


You can add some curd.


Add little bit malai or cream.


Squeeze a lemon in the high salted dish.


Sprinkle a pinch of sugar to balance out the flavors.

(B) For a Soup:-

Dilute with vegetable stock.


You can use a little sour cream.


Adding a little bit of sugar will also work.

(C) In Dry vegetables:- 

You can add a small amount of curd to neutralize the salty effect of your dry vegetable.


You can add malai to the dry vegetable.


Convert the dry vegetable into curry vegetable by adding necessary water and tomato puree etc.


You can add besan and cook the dish for a few minutes on low flame. This will also make the dish less salty.

(D) In oversalted Rice:

Wash the oversalted rice with hot water. Be sure to flip and mix the rice around in the sieve so you are getting back all the rice.


Add unsalted boiled vegetables to the rice. The vegetables will absorb some of the extra seasonings.


You can prepare fried rice from it.

Point to ponder -Always use low sodium salt instead of normal salt.

If you know any other tricks which can help solve the excess salt issue, please feel free to write in comments. It might benefit our readers.

Dr.Suman Setia

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