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Tips for Tricolor Crunchy Dosa


        Tips for  Tricolor Crunchy Paper Dosa

Dosa is a versatile dish. It can be a breakfast item, can be served for lunch or dinner. It is easy to digest. Even one dosa can keep you adequately full.

First of all you should learn to make crunchy plane dosa. After that you can make any type of dosa.

 Crunchy dosa is very tasty to eat and looks also superb.

A plain  Dosa gives you only about 100 calories, while a Masala Dosa  may contain upto 400 calories.

How to make Crunchy Dosa:-

Ingredients – Dhuli urad Daal – 1 cup

                        Best quality basmati rice – 3 cup

                        Methi daana – 1 tsp

                        Salt               - as per taste

                       Oil or ghee   -   for greasing the dosa

Method – 1 ) Soak the Dhuli  Urad daal in sufficient water in a bowl overnight. Add to it Methi Daana also.

2) Soak the rice in a separate bowl in sufficient water for overnight.

3) In the morning grind the  Urad Daal with Methi Daana adding water in mixer. Grinding should be fine. Do not add too much water during grinding. After grinding batter should turn out to be semi solid.

After grinding pour the batter in big bowl. I generally pour the batter in a big steel vessel ( which is use for milk boiling)

4) Now grind the rice . This  grinding should also be fine .

5) Mix the grinded daal and grinded rice thoroughly.

6) Batter should be little bit thinner than semi solid. To make it little bit thinner you can add water in it.

7) Now keep it in sun light for 3-4 hours for fermentation. Size of batter would be approximately double of your initial batter. If its fermentation is less , still don’t  worry . Even little fermentation will  work .

8) Put the non stick tawa on the flame . Heat it properly. After heating sprinkle some water on tawa . If water  turns  in to  bubble shape that means tawa is sufficiently hot. After sprinkling the water wipe it with a cloth immediately.

9) Pour the small amount of batter in the centre of tawa and immediately spread it on tawa in round shape. For spreading the batter use a flat bottomed bowl and begin from centre and go on spreading round by round till you think it is even. Cook it on medium flame. After 2 minutes sprinkle some ghee or oil on it evenly.  After  about 1-2 minutes , you will see that it is becoming brown around the periphery and also central part of the dosa.  This is the right time to roll  it from one end to the other. For this take a flat ladle for folding of dosa.

Tips – 1) Use fresh and best quality of daal and rice .

2) Do not forget to soak methi daana in urad daal. Because it will enhance the taste as well as  avoid formation of gas in stomach after eating the dosa.

3) Fermentation is a must. Even little fermentation will work  good. If no fermentation takes place because of cold weather or winter , then wait for more time for the fermentation to start.

In cold weather put the vessel in warm place and check the fermentation time by time.

4) Cook the dosa only on one side to maintain its crunchiness.

5) Dosa will take approximately 3- 4 minutes to become crunchy. So have patience while making dosa.

6) When you keep dosa batter for fermentation , do not add salt in this. This is because  salt helps in preserving  food. So add salt only after fermentation.

7) Sprinkling of water on tawa is must so that excess heat is absorbed.

8) In grinding the daal or rice always use water in which you had soaked the daal and rice.  This will enhance the taste and also help in early fermentation.

9) For fermentation use big vessel because there should be extra space for fermentation of batter.

10) Do not break the edges of dosa for lifting it. You will see that after 2-3 minutes sides of dosa automatically lift up.


Ingredients for Tri color Dosa –

Divide the fermented batter in three parts

 Add green food color in one part.

Add orange color in second part

Do not add any color in third part.

How to add color- use branded edible food colors .

You need only just pinch of color for one dosa. Add the pinch of color in ½ tsp of water after that you can mix it with dosa batter.

Food colors  are very fast, so use them in very little amount . As you can see the color of dosa  in picture. I have used less than pinch of green and orange color. Do not worry about side effects of these colors. First of all these are permitted food colors . Secondly we use it in very  less quantity.

Method – Pour 2-3 tbs of orange batter on the one side of non stick tawa .Spread it lengthwise evenly and quickly. Now pour the 2-3 tbs of white batter adjacent to orange batter. Spread it evenly in the parallel of orange color dosa. Pour the green batter 2-3 tbs adjacent to white batter. Spread it evenly parallel to white dosa. All of three should be adjacent to each other. After 2 to 3 minutes grease it with oil or ghee. When the sides and centre of dosa turn out brown roll it immediately in dosa shape.

Health benefits of Dosa – Infact dosas are healthier and tastier than pizza or burger. Though most of us know that fast foods are unhealthy. We tend to find it difficult to quit them due to their taste. But try a dosa and you will understand that it is  also very tasty, yummy and nutritious too.

1)     Dosa is Easy to digest ( Due to fermentation).

2)     It’s rich in protein. And proteins help to make your muscles and bones so strong.

3)     It is very low in calories count , so it’s a healthy choice to overcome obesity. But do not forget to use only little oil for preparing  Dosa.

4)     It is rich in iron and calcium.

5)     As the sugar level in dosa is very low so diabetic persons can also eat it .For them a regular plain  Dosa is preferable.



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