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Tips for a safe Holi

12 Mar 2017

Holi is the day to express love with colors. It is a time to enjoy and show affection . Traditionally , the Holi festival was all about natural colors made with flowers and herbs. But later these have been replaced with dyes, chemicals ,heavy metals and sometimes even with acids ,mica , glass powder etc .

So  , with Holi around the corner , let’s ensure to make it enjoyable without having to worry about handling fast colors. I am sharing some basic tips to enjoy this colorful festival without any worry.

Even though we intend to use herbal ,organic and chemical free  colors , we cannot check what others are using . Therefore , we need to prepare our self accordingly as chemicals used in some of the Holi colors can often cause a serious skin problem.


Pre- Holi Precautions :

1)    Before stepping out on Holi day , oil yourself from head to toe. Massage your body either with coconut , mustard or Vitamin E oil. This would reduce absorption of colors in the scalp and skin etc. Oiling in places like behind the ear, between finger tips , near finger nails is very important.

2)    Wear cotton clothes that will cover most of our skin , This way you will have less of skin to battle with while removing colors later on.

3)    Women should be extra careful.  The precaution should start at least a week before Holi. They should avoid any procedure that involves opening of the pores or damage to the barrier of skin . These include threading , waxing , peeling or any laser treatment etc.

4)    Moisturise your skin well if it is dry .  Let its texture be normal with moisturisation. Dry skin allows chemicals  to penetrate easily.

5)    Cover our head with a colourful  Bandana or cap. This way you can make a fashion statement and keep your hair free from colours as well.

6)    Use enough sun screen on all exposed parts including a balm on lips with SPF.

7)    For eyes do not wear lenses . Infact completely avoid  wearing lenses or glasses . But if you can not do without glasses , just be careful while applying colors. Infact wear protective sun glasses while playing Holi. An old pair of sunglasses is a good idea that also looks fashionable.

8)    Hydrate yourself internally too and drink lots of water , Thandai and juices.

9)    If there are any open wounds or cuts on the body , use band-aid or bandage to cover them before the Holi. This is to avoid entry and absorption of harmful chemicals in the blood stream that could later have more damaging effects.

10)                      Use herbal colors only. Otherwise , the chemicals in the colour can result into rashes and cracks in the skin – the list is endless.

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Tips for removing Colors after playing Holi:

1)   Theideal way is to dust all the dry colors away with hand or a piece of cloth gently without rubbing the skin.

2)    To remove fast colors you can apply a homemade pack of Besan , Curd , Turmeric and Rose water. After applying on skin , wait until it dries completely . This will help in removing stubborn colors from the skin , especially face.

3)    While bathing , stand under running water for 5 to 10 minutes . Do not scrub too hard and  do not scratch anywhere , as the friction of rubbing would aid in penetration of colors. The color would fade in a day or two.

4)    Holi colors often leave our skin dry. Therefore , after the shower pat dry your skin to leave it slightly damp and apply some thick body lotion to trap the water on the surface of skin . Repeat moisturizer each time your skin feels dry.

5)    Oil your hair overnight if needed.

6)    Avoid using toners, scrubs or bleaching creams.

7)    Visit a dermatologist immediately if your skin is red , irritated , burning , itching or breaking out after the festival.

      Have a safe and Happy Holi.

     Dr.Suman Setia (BAMS DNHE PGDHHM)

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