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When antibiotics , stress ,lifestyle factors , stale foods adversely affect the population of good bacteria in our gut ,we are placed at increased risk of infectious and non infectious diseases . At this time the use of probiotics works wonderfully. Continue reading
It is a season of dark yellow, deep green fruits & vegetables. These are rich in disease fighting pytochemicals. You should make them a regular part of your diet . The Top 8 foods that should be eaten in the month of October and November are.:- Continue reading
your liver is in direct contact with pesticides , food additives , microorganisms etc . Although the immune system protects our body from many dangers , it is the liver that protects the immune system from becoming overloaded . if you have a healthy liver, then all toxics will be removed by the liver from the body . Continue reading
Have you ever wondered why most of the diet regimes recommend having a handful of dry fruits every day? This is because dry fruits are a fabulous source of essential fats, minerals, vitamins & proteins for the body. Continue reading
Some commonly prescribed drugs such as antibiotics, pain killers, ulcer drugs, birth control pills, high blood pressure drugs contribute to depression. If you are taking any of these do not quit them abruptly without talking to you doctor. But be aware that they might be contributing to your condition by depleting your body of depression fighting vitamins and minerals. Continue reading