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Rasgulla Kheer


Rasgulla Kheer

As the spongy  Rasgullas are  made from curdling milk ,  this  Rasgulla  Kheer is rich in Proteins  and  Calcium .  So this dish is good for people of all ages including  children  and old age persons also .



Milk – 600 to 700 ml.

Sugar according to taste ( But  please keep in mind that Rasgullas are also sweet even if you drain out all of the sweet water from them).

Spongy Rasgullas  - 4-5

Shredded Rasgulla  -1

Kesar- few strands .

Green cardamom (crushed)  - ½ tsp

Cinnamon powder – just pinch

Bay leaves (Tej Patta) - 2

Almonds and pistachio for garnishing.


How to prepare:-


Squeeze the Rasgullas to drain out sweet water. Shred only one rasgulla. Keep it aside.

Now boil the milk & add cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, bay leaves, Kesar strands & sugar in it. Boil till you gain thick consistency. Turn off the gas . Put the whole rasgullas & one shredded rasgulla in it. Now garnish with almonds and pistachios.

You can serve it as hot or cold according to your taste. It is very nutritious and delicious in taste.

Tips :-

Use only spongy rasgullas for this recipe

Put the only squeezed Rasgullas in the milk otherwise they will not absorb the milk.

Do not boil the Rasgullas otherwise they will break.

Milk consistency should be neither too thick nor too liquid


Dr. Suman Setia


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rasgulla curdling milk kheer

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