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Navratra Special Ladoo


Sabudana Coconut Ladoo for Fasting During Navratra

Sabudana is a processed agricultural product prepared from the roots of Tapioca Sago. Its botanical name is " Manihot Esculenta Crantz Syn. Utilissima". Internationally it is known by the name Cassava also. In Tamil it is called Jaavarishi.

Benefits of sabudana- Sabudana is rich in carbohydrates . It helps get rid of fatigue, keeping you energized through out the day.

It is easily digestible and suitable for infants and sick persons . 

It also helps to resolve digestive disorders like constipation , indigestion, bloating which are usually found in fasting.

Benefits of coconut – It is rich in fiber so helps prevent constipation.

Rich in iron so helps  combat tiredness during fast.

 Fats found in coconut increase  the level of   good cholesterol in the blood.


1 cup – sabudana

1 cup – desiccated coconut

Powdered sugar or desi khand – 1 cup

Desi ghee- 7-8 tbs

Chopped cashewnuts – 12-15

Chopped almonds – 10-12

Powdered green cardamom ½ tsp

Method –

1)      Roast the  Sabudana in a pan on a low flame till you get light brown colour(  20 to 25 minutes)  by stirring continuously. After roasting keep it aside for 10 to 15 minutes .  When the  Sabudana pearls cool completely grind it into a fine powder in a mixer.


2)      Now roast the coconut just for 2-3 minutes. Remember colour should not  change. Keep it aside.


3)      Heat  Desi Ghee in a pan and add chopped cashews and almonds . Shallow fry it , until you get light brown colour. It will take just 30 to 60 seconds to get your desired color . Do not burn them. Take it out and keep aside for 10 minutes.


4)      Now take another big pan  and keep powdered grounded  Sabudana in it .  Add grounded sugar , roasted coconut powder, desi ghee , shallow fried cashews , almonds  and cardamom powder. Mix it well and make ladoo in any shape . If you face any difficulty in binding the ladoos ,  you can add more ghee  to it( 1-2 spoon) .   Keep the ladoos aside for 2 hours to dry . Now roll each ladoo in desiccated  coconut .  Store it in air tight container.

 Crunchy laddos are ready and I am sure you will love it. 

You can prepare ladoos for the complete Navratra period in one go.

Dr. Suman Setia , BAMS,DNHE,PGDHHM.

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sabudana coconut laddoo

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