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Is it Safe to Eat Bread?

26 May 2016

Is It Safe To Eat Bread?

Few days after the fiasco around lead content in Maggi has settled, another storm might be brewing around our bread and fast food outlets. On a regular basis you eat, you drink and you are merry. You are also putting toxic substances into your body and leading your merry self to poor health and a sad life style when you are elder. Consuming foods and drinks that are unhealthy or toxic will definitely put stress on your body. They will cause disease that you do not really want to experience and make life seem sluggish and full of complications.

After a series of studies  in India CSE ( Centre for Science and Environment )  tested many varieties of breads ,pav , buns etc. CSE found  that it contains high levels of  chemicals . The commonly available 38 brands of bread were tested and 32 of them were found to contain these hazardous chemicals.

Do you  know  that just two slices of bread every day is enough to put us at a higher risk of cancer, kidney tumors or thyroid ( Potassium Iodate can lead to an increased iodine intake which causes thyroid problems).

Now you want to know the name of these  chemicals.  These are  Potassium Bromate and Potassium Iodate. High levels of chemicals were found in white bread and less in multi grains bread. These  chemicals are used in the flour for baking and improving the look of bread.

These products are banned in 40 countries including our neighboring  countries like China  and  Sri Lanka. But they are still not banned in India.

As per all India bread manufacturers Association  , the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ( FSSAI)  regulations permit the use of Potassium Bromate and Potassium Iodate at 50 ppm (parts per million) maximum for bread and at 20 ppm maximum for bakery purpose. Even many companies strongly deny the claim and accusation made in the CSE  report.

In my opinion Bread process does not require to go through  such an intensive process so as to use higher amounts of chemicals.  The breads can be made without chemicals like Iodine Bromate  also .

Moreover ,  too much of  yeast contained in processed breads will upset the bacteria balance in your gut and can cause infections.So it is advisable to cut down on  your bread intake . You should  eat whole grains to keep your fiber count up and your digestive system working properly.

We hope that the issue will be addressed soon as it threatens to put lives of so many people in danger.


Dr. Suman Setia  BAMS  DNHE PGDHHM

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