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How to make sweet and sour Raw mango chutney and benefits of Raw mango chutney


Indian meals are considered incomplete without Chutney, Raita and Pickles. Mango Chutney is widely used in India and Srilanka .


Health benefits of mango chutney:-

·        It enhances the immune system thus helps to prevent diarrhea ,cholera in summer.


·         · ·        Mango contains a lot of antioxidants which protect a person from cancer(like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer etc.)


·         ·  Mango is rich in vitamin A and we know that Vitamin A is good for eyes.


·       ·    It helps  prevent from heat stroke.


·       ·    It is fibrous food thus prevents from constipation.



Method  of making sweet and sour mango chutney



Slightly ripe mangoes – ½ kg

Sugar – equal to grated raw mangoes

Fennel seeds – 1 tbs

Roasted cashew nuts and almonds -1 tbs

Kishmish – 1 tbs

Seeds of muskmelon – 1tbs

Salt  - according to your taste

White pepper powder – according To your taste


Method:- Take mangoes which are slightly ripe. Wash and peel them .Now grate it and mix the sugar. Use heavy saucepan or non stick pan to avoid burning. Now cook on low flame until all sugar melts and mixture becomes slightly thicker. Now add salt ,white pepper powder, fennel seeds, roasted cashew nuts and almonds, muskmelon seeds, kishmish and stir it continuously. You will see the shine in chutney. Now it is ready to serve with bread , paratha , roti, thepla etc.






Last Modified: February 07, 2015 06:42 PM
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how to make sweet and sour raw mango chutney benefits of raw mango chutney how to prepare mango chutney

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