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How to make Plum Shake


Plum is a wonderful juicy fruit…..

-Having lots of fiber, so it helps to relieve constipation.
-Having lots of antioxidant it ceases the development of Breast Cancer. 

- Our food ranking system qualifies plums as a very good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed in the body to make healthy tissues and is also needed for a strong immune system. It also helps in the absorption of iron.

-Plums have low  Glycemic index thus it is good for diabetic patient. 

-Plum can also reduces the scar tissues by increasing the blood flow to affected tissues. 

NOTE:- Plums contain Oxalic acid ,therefore people with known Oxalate urinary tract  stones are advised  not to eat  plums .      


How to make Plum Shake


1.     Ten pieces medium sized ripened black /red plums.

2.      1/2 cup of Desi khand/Boora sugar

3.     One and half cup of water

4.     Little bit salt as per taste

5.     Black pepper , Roasted and ground cumin seeds, black salt , Peppermint leaves for garnishing, Lemon juice.


Method of Preparation :

·        Boil the plums with 1 and half cup of water in a pressure cooker. After 2 whistles , switch off the  gas stove.

·        Let it cool for 20 minutes.

·         Remove seeds from the boiled mixture .

·        Mix sugar in the pulp and blend it to a smooth pulp.

·        Sieve it to remove skin of plums or any seeds left.

·        Store the pulp in a refrigerator ( Don’t freeze it).

·        For serving :  mix half glass of pulp with half glass of chilled water.

·        Mix little bit of black salt , black pepper and roasted cumin seeds powder.

·        Add crushed ice and garnish with peppermint leaves.

·        You can add few drops of lemon juice also.

·        Your delicious and tasty plum shake is ready..


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