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How to make Indian Salad


How to make Indian Salad(so healthy and nutritious)

Chopped bell pepper – 1

Chopped onion – 1

Chopped tomato (without seeds) – 2

Chopped cucumber – 1

Chopped and minced garlic – 4-5 pieces

Chopped green coriander – 2-3 tbs

Grated carrot (medium size) – 1

Raw peanuts – 2 tbs

Roasted whole chana – 2tbs

Cumin seeds – ½ tsp

Extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil 1 tbs

Lemon juice – 2 tbs

Salt according to taste

Chaat masala – 1 tsp

Roasted and grinded cumin seeds powder – ½ tsp

Kashmiri or degi red chilli powder – ½ tsp

Black pepper powder – according to taste

For garnishing – sesame seeds

Method – Take a fry pan  and add 1 tbs of olive or sesame oil.

Once  it heats up , add cumin seeds.

Now add raw peanuts and roasted chana.

It will take  approximately  ½ minute to fry .  

Fry all these on low flame.

Add grated carrot and chopped garlic in it.

Saute it and then sprinkle salt on it. Switch off the flame.

Add all the chopped ingredients in it.

Add all the spices .

In  the end  squeeze lemon juice on it .

Mix well all the ingredients .

Now it is ready to serve .

Garnish it with sesame seeds.

Enjoy it with lunch or dinner or in a single form of dish.




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