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How to make bread crumbs

20 Mar 2016

                        How to make bread crumbs

As the  Holi is nearing and  you are ready to make so many delicious snacks like - Tikki,  Veg cutlets , Suji cutlets ,  Veg patties, burger patties etc. These are all first coated with a layer of  refined flour or corn flour paste and then coated with  Bread  Crumbs. It avoids breaking of splitting  of the patty when it is deep fried.  You also want that these snacks  are crunchy and tempting. For this you need bread crumbs (Bread crumbs are just that crumbled bread) .  The main problem is that these bread crumbs are not easily available everywhere.

But do not worry .  It is very simple and easy to prepare them at home. One packet of bread will give you sufficient quantity of bread crumbs.

Ingredients – One packet of bread (sufficient for 20-25 cutlets) .  The best bread style to use for bread crumbs is white or whole wheat bread rather than multi-grain bread. You will get the best results if your bread is slightly stale. It’s healthy also as it will be the roasted bread crumbs and not the fried ones.bread crumbs

Method – Break the bread slices into small pieces. Put them in grinder and grind them. Process  them in batches. Process until the crumbs look fine enough for your needs. No need to cut the sides of the bread slices . Put the pieces of whole slices of bread in jar. Grind it properly. There should be no big pieces of bread.

Now take a big size non stick kadahi or pan . Put it on gas. Put the whole crushed bread in it. Stir it continuously on high flame just for 1 minute. You will see that moisture of bread crumbs is evaporated, now continuously stir it on low flame. It will take around 5 minutes to make crunchy bread crumbs. Its color should be light brown .You can check its crunchiness with your fingers . The bread should be roasted till it becomes brown.

Keep it aside for cooling.

After cooling store it in airtight container in refrigerator. Container should be fully dry.

You can store it in refrigerator for 1 month. Now these are always available for you.

If you want to store it then make this with slightly stale bread. If you want to consume it in the same day then you can take 2-3 days old bread.


  Dr. Suman Setia, BAMS, DNHE PGDHHM


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