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Home remedies for low BP


·         ·Drink lot of water.


·         ·Follow a healthy diet.


·         ·Crush 15 thoroughly washed basil leaves, place it on a sieve and extract its juice. Add 1tsp of honey to this juice. Mix well and drink 2 times a day.


·         ·Soak 10-15 raisins overnight in water; eat them on an empty stomach the next morning. Follow this with 1 glass of water.

·         ·Avoid eating and bunk anything for 1 hour after this.


·         ·Drink a cup of black tea.


·         ·Drink 1 glass of lukewarm water with ½ tsp of salt. However do this only till pressure reaches normal.


·         ·Drink 1 cup beetroot juice twice a day.


Last Modified: February 08, 2015 05:43 AM
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