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home remedies for fever


Fever is a good thing.It is a part of body defense mechanism .Suppressing a fever is not advisable as the fever will kill the bacteria and virus.Your body needs adequate nutrition,hydration and rest to fight the underlying cause of fever.

Sponge the body: use a moist towel instead of bath.Soak small towels in cool water and after squeezing rub it against the body.you will feel better

Wear light clothes:Wear only a few layers of clothing otherwise heat will trap inside it and results will be in making a fever last longer than usual.

Plenty of liquids:Flush out your body by taking lots of liquids.

Plenty of fruits: Fruits have lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to reduce fever

Do rest: Do not go outside in summer if you have fever.Do rest at home.

Drink herbal tea:

Raisin juice: Boil ¾ cup of crushed raisins with 7 cups of water.Now strain the juice and drink It 4-5 times in a day.

Use of garlic:
 Boil 1 piece of crushed garlic in 250 ml water after straining drink it 2-3 times in a day .It will help to prevent side effects of fever.

     -Avoid eating solid food.

     -Use a fan at low speed.

: To breakdown high fever get a clean bucket & have your feet inside the bucket for about 45 minutes to an hour . Your fever will breakdown to normal.

-Have a nice foot massage.This starts to circulate the blood and draw it away from your head



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