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Home remedies for epistaxis


The inner nose is one of the more sensitive part of the body . it is linked with hundreds of blood vessels . When these vessels get disturbed,blood starts flowing from the nostril or sometimes from both nostrils.

There are many reasons your nose might bleed .


Dry air is the most common cause.

Excessive heat


Nose picking

Nose blowing

High blood pressure

High altitude

Symptoms: Appearance of blood from one or both nostrils.

Blocked feeling in the nasal passages

Sensation of presence of a fluid at the back of the throat.

Treatment :-

Nasal bleeding usually responds to first aid measures such as Pinching.

Pinching: Pinch the nose by using your thumb and index finger,below the bony bridge.Do it for 5-10 minutes until the bleeding stops.

Apply Ice across the bridge of your nose until the bleeding stops. Do not apply direct ice on the nose.Before applying wrap it in a thin cotton towel.

Pour the cold water on the head to escape the heat.

For immediate relief  put alum in the water and soak any one piece of cloth in this water and put this cloth on the nose to cure epistaxis within 10 min only.

Do not tilt your head back , if you swallow the blood it can irritate your stomach and may cause vomiting which may aggravate the situation .

Put a few drops of onion juice in the nostrils, very effective in stopping the blood . Onion juice cures the infection of nose and throat .

Putting a few drops of basil juice in the nostrils will also stop bleeding from nose.

Put  2 drops of lemon juice frequently into the nostrils to stop the bleeding.

Take a cotton ball and wet it with vinegar . Plug it in the nostril. Vinegar helps to seal the blood vessels . You can use white or apple cider vinegar, both are equally effective.

Vitamin C helps in clotting of blood.  Have foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is found  in abundance in guava,tomatoes, broccoli,cauliflower, citrus fruits like (oranges, lemon), watermelon, mangoes and pineapple .

Eat green vegetables which are high in potassium , it is essential for blood clotting .

Zinc is a nutrient known to help in maintaining the blood vessels ,so eat food rich in zinc. Foods rich in zinc are spinach,kidney beans,seeds like flax seeds,pumpkin seeds,watermelon seeds etc. 

Do not take hot things, pickles and fried food.

Do treat your allergy.

Always hydrate your body well . Drink lot of water.

Do blow gently , one nostril at a time

Never put  fingers inside the nostrils , use a soft tissue for this.

Note :- in summer avoid AC ,as air conditioning dries moisture out  of the air .

In winters add moisture in the rooms by using a humidifier.

 Prevention is always better than the cure: 1) Put 2 drops of Nasoclear ( that is saline water) in each nostril 2-3 times in a day. This way you will never face this problem.

2) Being rich in minerals , Gatorade/Lemon Water  is also very effective .  So drink it before going out in sun.

3)Take banana with milk daily.

4)By drinking about 100 ml water of coconut water in a day in the summer season will keep the epistaxis away or eating coconut daily in the morning on empty stomach provides relief from epistaxis.

5)Have steam during the dry days.Steam is one of the most amazing home remedies for nose bleeds, You should never miss an opportunity to inhale steam. You can take it from your cup of morning tea also.

Important point:- 

Call your doctor if nose bleeding can not be stopped after 10-20 minutes  of starting



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