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Home remedies for epistaxis


The inner nose is one of the more sensitive parts of the body . it is linked with hundreds of blood vessels . 

There are many reasons your nose might bleed .


Dry hair


Nose picking

Nose blowing

Treatment :-

Nasal bleeding usually responds to first aid measures such as compression  .

Rub ice on the sides of the nose . it will help to stop bleeding .

Pour the cold water on the head to escape the heat.

For immediate effects mix little amount of ghee in a piece of alum and then apply few drops of this mixture in the nostrils .

Do not tilt your head back , if you swallow the blood it can irritate your stomach and may cause vomiting which may aggravate the situation .

Put a few drops of onion juice in the nostrils in case of nose bleeding is very effective . onion juice cure the infection of nose and throat .

Putting a few drops of basil juice in the nostrils will also stop bleeding from nose  


Put  2 drops of lemon juice frequently into the nostrils .

Take a cotton ball and wet it with vinegar . plug it in the nostril.vinegar helps to seal the blood vessels .

Vitamin C helps in clotting of blood so have food rich in vitamin C

Eat green vegetables which are high in potassium , it is essential for blood clotting .

Zinc is a nutrient known to help in maintaining the blood vessels ,so eat food rich in zinc

Do not take hot things, pickles and fried food

Eating coconut daily in the morning on empty stomach provides relief from epistaxis

Take banana with milk daily

Do treat your allergy

Always hydrate your body well

Have steam during the dry days

Do blow gently , one nostril at a time

Never put  fingers inside the nostrils , use a soft tissue for this.

Note :- in summer avoid AC ,as air conditions dries out the air

In winters add moisture in the rooms by using a humidifier

Important point:-

Call your doctor if nose bleeding can not be stopped after 10-20 minutes  of starting


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