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Home remedies for Asthma


Healthy nutrition is necessary for all of us  as it helps fight against diseases.

Simple Home remedies for Asthma:-

Drink lot of water

Do walk regularly

Have steam on face

Avoid smoking

1.       Mix ½ tea spoon of turmeric in warm milk and drink it daily. It acts as an anti-biotic.

2.       Eat Figs

3.       Take ½ tea spoon of Amla churna  after lunch and dinner daily.

4.       Eat more fruits and vegetables (Apples , carrots , cantaloupe , kiwi etc are good.)

5.       Sprouted chana (Grams) are good in asthma

6.       Drink hot black chana  (Grams)soup

7.       Flax seeds have magnesium which acts as muscle relaxant thus helping  in asthma

Allergies can trigger asthma : So if you are allergic to certain foods , just avoid them.

       Things which can cause Allergy:-

        Oranges , full cream milk, eggs ,wheat ,cabbage, potato, peanuts, salt (salt can cause inflammation by  fluid retention)

       Foods to be avoided in Asthma:-

Curd , rice, lassi, fried things, refined sugar , pickles , ghee, butter, bananas , packed food , tea , coffee etc.

Important point :- avoid heavy meal at a time.


Last Modified: February 07, 2015 06:29 PM
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