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Health benefits of Tragacanth gum(Gond katira)


Hindi name- Gond katira


English name- Tragacanth gum

Botanical name –Astragalus Gummifer

German name -Kutira Gummi

French name - Gomme Adragante

Arabic Name - Katheera, Haloosiyaa

Bengali Name - Katila

The gum comes from a thorny shrub . The gum exudes naturally from the roots of the plant and from incisions made in the stem . This is collected and when dried forms crystals of flakes.

Benefits of Tragacanth gum  are :-

·         Heat stroke- It acts as a cooling agent in body,thus preventing us from heat stroke.

·         Laxative – It has the qualities of laxative and so it helps in constipation.

·         Weakness in men – It helps to cure weakness in men.

·         Breast size – in women it helps to increase breast size.

  • In Pregnancy - Gond Katira ladoos are very beneficial in pregnancy.

II          It helps in Urinary incontinence (Involuntary urination)

          It is believed that it might have anti tumor properties & could stimulate immune system


Note – It has both cooling and heat producing effects . In summer after soaking in water it becomes fluffy and soft . Consuming it in this form in summer  helps to cool our body. In winter we use it after frying and grinding . It can be added to many sweets.  And then It generates heat in the body.


Method of soaking :-  Take only two piece of gond katira and soak it overnight in 1 glass of water. In  the morning you will see  that it becomes fluffy and there is increase in the volume of gond katira. Wash it with clean water 2-3 times  to remove the impurities .Now it is ready to use .


 How to make gond katira drink :-  

Ingredients are :-

Fluffed gond katira – ½ tbs

Sugar – 1 tbs

Lemon juice – 1 tbs

Water – 1 glass

Crushed ice

Mix all the ingredients and drink it everyday.


How to make gond katira kheer :- (Gond katira generally used with chilled milk.)


Ingredients are :-

Fluffed gond katira  -1 tbs

Milk - 500 ml

Sugar as per taste

Almonds ,pista chopped – 2 tbs

Green cardamom powder just a pinch

Crushed ice

Method :-  Boil the milk till  it is reduced to  almost 2/3 or as per your concentration choice .  
                 Now add  sugar and cardamom powder .
                 Let it cool for some time .
                 After cooling add the fluffed gond katira and chopped dry fruits .
                 At last but not least add the crushed  ice and serve it.

 How to make Gond  Ladoo:


Wheat flour- 250 gm

Ground sugar- 250 gm

Ghee – 175 gm

Mildly crushed gond  – 15 gm

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Grounded cashews – 1table spoon

Almonds – 1 tablespoon

Walnuts – 1 tablespoon

Method :-

Heat ghee in a kadahi/pan , deep fry gond on medium heat , stirring it up all the time to ensure that every single piece is fried. It fluffs up to almost double. Lift it out of the ghee as it fluffs up otherwise it will burn. Keep aside for 5 minutes . Now grind it. Fry the flour in remaining ghee until it is light brown and gives out aroma .When ghee separates from the flour then it is ready. Turn off heat  and add all the grinded material in it. Mix well . Allow to cool until it can be touched by hand comfortably. Now make delicious and nutritious ladoos of any shape  or  size. Keep aside for  1 to 2 hours . Store in  an airtight container.

In winter these ladoos are very beneficial for pregnant ladies.

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