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Health benefits of sesame seeds



Scientific name-Sesamum Indicum

 It mainly grows in Asia (particularly in India, China, Burma..).Sesame seeds are small having pleasant nutty flavor &high oil content. They come in a host of different colors like white, black, yellow etc. Due to high oil content they should be stored in airtight containers in a cool, dry and dark place. You can also store it in refrigerator.

Note:- Hulls(skin) of sesmae seeds contain oxalate therefore people with known oxalate stones are advised not to eat sesame seeds with hulls.Without hulls they can eat moderate amount of sesame seeds.

       Benefits of sesame seeds are:-

 -Sesame oil is used for  oral health.Oil is used as a mouthwash to improve plaque induced gingivitis.

 -Medical research showed the effectiveness of  massaging oil(sesame oil) in infants.

 - Sesamol found in sesame seeds helps to improve  cardiovascular health


 - Seeds have fine quality of amino acids which are essential for  growth in          children.

 -Seeds are rich in calcium,iron,zinc magnesium etc which play a vital role in our body such as in  red cell formation,bone formation.

- Having copper in large quantity it is used to reduce pain in  rheumatoid arthritis,As copper is known to reduce swelling &pain in joints.

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