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Health benefits of Quinoa


It is the world's healthiest seeds food. it is a dream food for dieters due to low glycemic index and low cholesterol .it has been proposed by NASA as an ideal food for long duration space flights. The most common varieties available in stores are white, red and black quinoa.


Benefits are:-

It is a protein having all nine essential amino acids .

It is a fibrous food (rich in complex carbohydrates)  that slowly digest. Thus it makes you feel fuller for longer time and helps in weight loss.

It contains lot of iron thus helping to increase the level of hemoglobin . Iron helps in transfer of oxygen from one cell to another  and also regulates the body temp etc.

Once consumed It gives a  lot of energy  .

It is full of heart healthy fats like monounsaturated .

It works as an antiseptic.

It is rich in  Phosphorous and Magnesium. Magnesium helps in  relieving migraine  and type 2 diabetes.

It is high in vitamin B 2 ( riboflavin). It improves energy metabolism within brain .

It is gluten free . The persons having gluten intolerance can go for this. You can grind , steam ,boil and even roast it.

Important points:-

It contains oxalates which puts quinoa on the caution list for an oxalate restricted diet.


Always rinse quinoa before use

It is best to store quinoa in an airtight container stored in the refrigerator.



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