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Health benefits of poha


·        Poha is the beaten rice flakes. In this process the parboiled rice are beaten up and then dried for 2 days.In this whole process fermentation take place which enriches the poha with vitamin B and probiotic bacteria .It is  a very good breakfast. We can take it also in lunch or even as a snack.

·        It is full of iron thus works as a healthy breakfast for anemic persons. we can increase the amount of iron in poha by adding sprouts in it.

·        It is called a complete meal.we can add any vegetable in it which makes it rich in vitamins and minerals.we can add dry fruits, peanuts, soya chunks etc which makes it rich in protein.

·        Absorption of iron can be increased by squeezing lemon juice on poha before serving.




Last Modified: February 08, 2015 06:44 AM
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