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Health benefits of jalepeno


The jalapeno is a medium sized chilli pepper. It is named after xalapa ,Veracruz ,where it was traditionally cultivated. It is known for its hot and pungent flavour.

Health benefits of jalapeno:-

It is a rich source of  vitamins A and C.  Vitamin A is necessary for good eye vision while C is an antioxidant that helps to prevent damage from free radicals.


They give relief in migraine .studies have shown that jalapeno contain a chemical called capsaicin which inhibit the neuropeptide which is the key of brain pain transmitter.

Helpful in sinusitis :-

The heat in a jalapeno pepper stimulates secretions that help clear mucous from the nose . it has also antibacterial property that combat with sinus infection and help to reduce sinus headache.

Prevent heart attack : -

Jalapeno helps to reduce cholesterol ,triglyceride and platelets aggregation .people who eat spicy hot peppers in their meals have lower rates of heart attack.

Prevent cancer  :-

These are rich source of antioxidants thus preventing cancer by stopping cell damage.

Anti I nflammatory :-

It has a chemical called capsaicin which acts as  an anti-inflammatory agent . due to this it is helpful in arthritis.

As you know thermogenic food burn away calories and fat thus help in reducing weight .

As you know spiciness speeds up the metabolism, so it works well in boosting the metabolism.

Safety profile :-

Jalapenos have capsaicins , when it comes in contact with mucous membrane of the oral cavity then gives a severe burning sensation .eating cold yogurt  dilutes capsaicins concentration.

Avoid touching eyes .rinse eyes thoroughly in cold water if your eyes are touched with jalapeno.

It may aggravate existing gastritis, stomach ulcer etc, so if you have any stomach problem do not eat them.

Always eat fresh jalapeno ,never eat old and spoiled .



Last Modified: February 08, 2015 06:46 AM
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