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Diet During Periods



During periods women face multiple problems like pain,bloating, weakness etc. By following these diet tips during  periods your lot of troubles will be reduced :

·         Bananas – These are rich in potassium, which are helpful for minimum water retention in the body.

·         Vitamin B6 eliminates the bloating,so during periods you should eat food that are rich in this vitamin
 Vitamin B6 is found in spinach,sesame seeds,wheat germs,bananas,sunflower seeds,pistachio.

·         Pineapple has an enzyme bromelain that helps relax muscles to relieve menstrual discharge.

·         Oats are rich in magnesium . Magnesium has anti cramping property.( Magnesium is found in  Raw spinach,nuts,beans and lentils,brown rice,plain non fat yogurt,bananas fish)

·           Walnuts also  act as pain reliever.
Last Modified: February 09, 2015 11:56 PM
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