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Diet to increase Hb level in females


Hemoglobin carries oxygen and gives to cells of the body  and transports the waste carbon dioxide away from cells .

Women who experience heavy menstrual cycle are prone to very low Hbg level .

Normal Hbg level in females 12-16 gm/dl

To increase the level of Hb in women should follow this diet :-

Whole grain things like potato, bread etc contain a good amount of iron.

Green vegetables like broccoli ,spinach, cauliflower ,beetroot  help to increase the level of Hb

Folic acid rich food lke sprouts, peanuts, broccoli, seeds ,nuts etc.

Nuts have highest amount of iron  ,1 ounce of  almonds provides 6% of iron.

Fruits – specially citrus like oranges ,amla, lime, lemon,grapes ,raisins etc help to attract iron ,thus increase the level of Hbg.

For the non vegetarians  red meat  is an excellent  source of haeme iron which is easily absorbed by the intestine.

Important point  :- eliminate iron busting foods such as tea, coffee, colas etc.




Last Modified: February 09, 2015 10:57 PM
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