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Diet Plan for the Shivratri Fast


Diet plan for the Shivratri Fast

Shivratri literally means the night of Lord Shiva. Maha Shivaratri is the wonderful opportunity for the followers of Lord Shiva, to praise the God and seek his blessings. It is one of the most popular Hindu festivals which is celebrated with great vigour and devotion. Shivaratri fasts are not very strict as compared to the other ones like Navratri and Karwa Chauth.

On this day devotees abstain from food made with rice, pulses or wheat. You must start eating healthy foods the day before fasting. This will help you have a healthy digestive system on the fasting day. No meal is eaten after sunset on Shivaratri Day. But many people do not know what to eat on this day. So here is the Diet plan for this day.

Diet Tips:

·        Keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water while you are fasting so that you can flush away toxins.

·        Avoid spicy foods one day before and on the day of fasting.

·        Eat lots of fruits. Eat filling fruits like bananas with a glass of milk.

·        Do not eat fried food like kuttu ke aate ke puri, pakora or aloo tikki etc.

·        Eat small meals and do not starve yourself. This will help maintain glucose level and prevent you from feeling low.

Diet Plan:

Upon waking up – 1 or 2 glass of lukewarm water

Breakfast – Take fruits in any form like banana shake, apple shake etc. Fruits have fibre which would help you feel full for longer time.

Mid morning - Sweet lassi / carrot juice/Green tea as it will increase your metabolism.

Lunch – Mixed fruit chaat with homemade paneer (In small cubes). Sprinkle some sendha salt, black pepper powder and squeeze lemon juice on it. Now it is ready to serve. In Chaat you can include fruits like papaya, orange, banana, apple, kiwi, strawberry etc.


 Mixed fruit sweet curd.


 Kuttu aata chapatti with potato phool makhana vegetable or homemade paneer vegetable.

Around 4 to 5 pm – 8 to 10 almonds with honey or roasted phool makhana seeds with green tea or coconut water.

In evening – Sabudana khichdi or Paneer potato salad or samak rice with lots of vegetables. Samak rice are extremely easy to digest and can be consumed in any kind of quantity.

Note – All the dishes are prepared using rock salt (saindha namak) and not the normal salt.

Onion and garlic are restricted in fast.


Last Modified: February 12, 2018 06:10 PM
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